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The Voice in My Head
Feb. 8, 2017
Sue Bohlin’s hearing aid reminds her to pray for greater listening ability to hear God.

“How Do We Respond to the Charge That We’re on the Wrong Side of History?”
Jan. 26, 2017
Probe answers an email question about the world rejecting the biblical perspective of LGBT issues.

“Is It True That Adam Was 90 Feet Tall?”
Jan. 26, 2017
Probe answers an email question about a Muslim claim that science supports the Qur’an’s claim that Adam was 90 feet tall.

Mental Illness and the Family
Jan. 11, 2017
Sue Bohlin blogs about the need to proactively love well the family members of those dealing with mental illness.

Leaning Hard
Dec. 27, 2016
Sue Bohlin blogs about the spiritual lesson she learned from a recent physical fall.

“Is It OK For Christians to Dance?”
Dec. 23, 2016
Probe answers an email question about dance and the Christian.

Truth You Can Sing About – Part 2
Dec. 19, 2016
Probe radio producer Steve Davis explores the truth in five more Christmas carols (Part 2 was in 2015), accompanied by new music composed and performed by his son and Probe Mind Games alumnus Jon Clive Davis.

What Saccharine is to Sugar, or The Technological Simulacra: On the Edge of Reality and Illusion
Nov. 14, 2016
Dr. Lawrence Terlizzese says that our addiction to technology is heading toward the opposite of the life we want.

Flying the W Flag
Nov. 2, 2016
The UN-sports-lover Sue Bohlin blogs about the Cubs in the World Series, their W flag, and the end of the world.

Trends in American Religious Beliefs: An Update
Oct. 30, 2016
Steve Cable examines the newest data reflecting Americans’ religious beliefs. It’s not encouraging.

“Would You Answer Some Questions About Hate and LGBT?”
Oct. 29, 2016
Sue Bohlin answers an email question from a high school student about LGBT issues, abortion, and Probe being designated a hate group.

When a Church Tells a Member, “It’s Not OK to be Gay”
Oct. 23, 2016
Sue Bohlin blogs about the larger picture of the media response to her church’s discipline of a member who embraced a gay identity.

Muslim Beliefs on Sexuality
Oct. 23, 2016
Steve Cable examines the data about what Muslims worldwide believe about sexual issues.

Dealing with Disappointment
Aug. 27
Sue Bohlin blogs about a biblical response to disappointment, as exhibited by Olympic champion Simone Biles.

Basic Religious Beliefs of Worldwide Muslims – Part 2
Aug. 27
Steve Cable’s analysis of what Muslims believe shows that most self-identifying Muslims don’t believe and understand Islam.

Comparing Religious Practices of Worldwide Muslims and American Christians
July 28
Steve Cable compares the results of studies examining the religious practices of Muslims worldwide, and American Christians.

Basic Religious Practices of Worldwide Muslims
July 19
Steve Cable analyzes a major Pew study on the beliefs and practices of Muslims worldwide, learning that many do not practice the five pillars of Islam.

The Horrible Choice in Dallas
July 14
Sue Bohlin blogs about how the Dallas police chief’s action to end the police shootings was similar to God’s actions in the OT.

Basic Religious Beliefs of Worldwide Muslims
July 3
Steve Cable analyzes a major Pew study on the beliefs and practices of Muslims worldwide, learning that many do not hold a strong Qur’anic worldview.

Orlando’s Bizarre Coincidence?
June 29
Sue Bohlin blogs: Could the Disney alligator attack be a physical picture of the spiritual warfare in an Orlando nightclub?

God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally
June 19
Michael Gleghorn covers Doug Pollock’s book about how to engage in spiritual conversations both naturally and effectively.

The Tug of War of Reason and Faith in C.S. Lewis’s Favorite Novel
June 17
Byron Barlowe examines the timeless battle between reason and faith in C.S. Lewis’s novel—his favorite—Till We Have Faces. Are they mutually exclusive or can they balance one another? How do we reconcile them? “To rationally look at love and logic and to gaze along, to creatively depict and model its living out, may soon be all that is left to us to reach a new generation.”

Pain: God’s Just-Right Tool
May 31
Sue Bohlin blogs about God uses various kinds of pain as an instrument of grace in His hand to achieve His purposes in us.

LGBT and Political Correctness
May 19
Sue Bohlin blogs about how PC thought permeates all discussion of LGBT sexuality.

Biblical Worldview Beliefs from PALS Survey of 2012: No Rebound Seen
May 1
Steve Cable examines survey results concerning the worldviews of young evangelicals and black Protestants, which shows they are not rebounding.

Biblical Worldview Beliefs as Seen in the Faith Matters Survey of 2011
Apr. 24
Steve Cable analyzes survey data about the worldviews of young adults. The results were not encouraging.

3 Life Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships
Apr. 4
Sue Bohlin suggest three ways to improve relationships based on biblical values and practices.

An Update on Pluralism in America
Apr. 3
Steve Cable analyzes the data from two surveys to find that the numbers of young adults with pluralistic beliefs has continued to rise.

Changing Hispanic Demographics and Religious Affiliation
Jan. 14
Steve Cable suggests that if current trends continue, the next decade will see more Hispanics become ‘nones,’ evangelicals, and mainline Protestants.

Hispanic Religious Affiliation in 2014
Mar. 20
Steve Cable projects that soon, emerging adult Hispanics will primarily identify as ‘nones’–people with no religious affiliation.

Shame-Based Families, Grace-Based Families
Mar. 13
Sue Bohlin blogs about how there’s a massive difference between families that operate on shame and those that operate in grace.

Out of the Abundance of the Heart. . .Flows Road Rage. And Other Stuff.
Feb. 23
Sue Bohlin blogs that Jesus provided great insight into human behavior when He linked the heart to what comes out of the mouth.

“Nones” are Not Christians Who Choose Not to Identify with a Specific Tradition
Feb. 21
Steve Cable explains how the research on millennials who claim no religious affiliation shows they are not Christians.

Born-again Protestants Make Up Only 20% of Our Emerging Adult Population and That Number is Trending Down
Feb. 14
Steve Cable reports that far fewer young adults identify as born-again protestants.

Trend Indicates Over Half of Emerging Adults Will Identify as Non-Christian by 2020
Jan. 31
Steve Cable predicts that soon the majority of American young adults will identify as non-christians.

Are Ghosts Real?
Jan. 28
Do ghosts really exist, or is there a biblical explanation for them? Sue Bohlin suggests it’s the work of demons.

On Coffee: Drinking and Thinking
Jan. 14
Sue Bohlin blogs that developing an educated palate when it comes to coffee is like developing a biblical worldview from studying God’s word.


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