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2012 Podcasts

2012 Program Title Author MP3
Dec. 31-Jan. 4 Redesigning Humans: Is It Inevitable? Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Dec. 24-28 Is Christmas Necessary? Jerry Solomon, read by Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Dec. 17-21 Prophecies of the Messiah Michael Gleghorn Download
Dec. 10-14 Ancient Perspectives on Happiness Michael Gleghorn Download
Dec. 3-7 Taking Religion Seriously Don Closson Download
Nov. 26-30 Dealing with Doubt Michael Gleghorn Download
Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving Quiz Kerby Anderson Download
Nov. 12-16 Jesus Christ Superstar Dr. Lawrence Terlizzese Download
Nov. 5-9 The Glory of Grace Sue Bohlin Download
Oct. 29-Nov. 2 Voting and Christian Citizenship: A Biblical View Byron Barlowe Download
Oct. 22-26 Scientology: Religion of the Stars Don Closson Download
Oct. 15-19 Gay Agenda in Schools Kerby Anderson Download
Oct. 8-12 Body Building: Edifying Thoughts About Our Bodies Michael Gleghorn Download
Oct. 1-5 In His H.A.N.D.S.: How We Can Know That Jesus is God Don Closson Download
Sep. 24-28 Secularization and the Church in Europe Rick Wade Download
Sep. 17-21 What God Says About Sex Sue Bohlin Download
Sep. 10-14 Examining Our Cultural Captivity Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Sep. 3-7 In Defense of History Don Closson Download
Aug. 27-31 Truth Decay Kerby Anderson Download
Aug. 20-24 Why Worldview? Don Closson Download
Aug. 13-17 Capitalism and Socialism Kerby Anderson Download
Aug. 6-10 Your Work Matters to God Sue Bohlin Download
July 30-Aug. 3 Challenging the New Atheists Patrick Zukeran, read by Kerby Anderson Download
July 23-27 Four Killer Questions Sue Bohlin Download
July 16-20 Worldviews Through History Kerby Anderson Download
July 9-13 What Is Technology? Dr. Lawrence Terlizzese Download
July 2-6 Spiritual Warfare Kerby Anderson Download
June 25-29 The Apologetics of Jesus Patrick Zukeran, read by Kerby Anderson Download
June 18-22 Who Wrote the New Testament? David Graieg, read by Don Closson Download
June 11-15 The Apologetics of Peter Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
June 4-8 The Self-Understanding of Jesus Michael Gleghorn Download
May 28-June 1 The Closing of the American Heart Don Closson Download
May 21-25 Student Mind Games Conference Sue Bohlin Download
May 14-18 Are We Alone in This Vast Universe? Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
May 7-11 George Washington and Religion Kerby Anderson Download
Apr. 30-May 4 Kingdom Singleness Renea McKenzie, read by Sue Bohlin Download
Apr. 23-27 C.S. Lewis, the BBC, and Mere Christianity Michael Gleghorn Download
Apr. 16-20 The Lives of Muhammad and Jesus Patrick Zukeran, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Apr. 9-13 A Pilgrim's Progress: Suffering in the Life of John Bunyan Michael Gleghorn Download
Apr. 2-6 The Answer is the Resurrection Steve Cable Download
Mar. 29-30 Student Mind Games Conference Sue Bohlin Download
Mar. 19-23 Four Views of Revelation Dr. Patrick Zukeran Download
Mar. 12-16 Truth: What It Is and How We Can Know It Rick Wade Download
Mar. 5-9 Rome and America Kerby Anderson Download
Feb. 27-Mar. 2 Poverty and Wealth Don Closson Download
Feb. 20-24 Seeing Through News Media Bias Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Feb. 13-17 Christ and the Human Condition Michael Gleghorn Download
Feb. 6-10 Blessings and Judgment Kerby Anderson Download
Jan. 30-Feb. 3 Welcome to the Machine: The Transhumanist God Dr. Lawrence Terlizzese Download
Jan. 23-27 The Impotence of Darwinism Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Jan. 16-20 Emerging Adults: A Closer Look Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download
Jan. 9-13 Will Everyone Be Saved? A Look at Universalism Rick Wade Download
Jan. 2-6 The Importance of Parents in the Faith of Emerging Adults Steve Cable, read by Kerby Anderson Download