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Miscellaneous Probe Lectures and Sermons

Miscellaneous Probe Lectures and Sermons
The Current Middle East Uprising in Light of Bible Prophecy [2011] Dr. Patrick Zukeran Part 1
Part 2
The Inevitable Ethical Quagmire of Human Genetic Engineering [2006] Dr. Ray Bohlin Download
Twilight [2010] Sue Bohlin Download
Christianity: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Women [2010] Sue Bohlin Download
Sheep Among Wolves: The Difference Mind Games Makes Jerry Solomon Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Critical Issues Series Desserts
The Apologetics of Jesus [2010] Dr. Patrick Zukeran Download
Christians and Politics [2009] Kerby Anderson and Don Closson Download
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and Global Terrorism [2006] Kerby Anderson Download
Same-Sex Marriage [2006] Kerby Anderson and Sue Bohlin Download
Responses to The Da Vinci Code
Goddess Worship and the Sacred Feminine Sue Bohlin Download
Suppression of the Secrets: The New Testament Canon Dr. Patrick Zukeran Download
The Secret Marriage of Jesus Kerby Anderson Download
The Secret Gospels: The Nag Hammadi Texts Michael Gleghorn Download
The Divinity of Christ Dr. Ray Bohlin Download