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Welcome to our online store.  We believe that you will find resources that will help you grow in your faith and engage your culture with a Biblical worldview.

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Expelled DVD with donation of $50
Name: Expelled DVD with donation of $50
Description:Free copy of Expelled: The DVD with an online donation of $50 or more before October 31st 
Product Detail:This DVD of the top grossing documentary of 2008 will raise your understanding of the importance of the Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design controversy and expose the tactics being used to suppress those performing valid research in the area of Intelligent Design.
Features:If you would like to donate more than $50, you may add an additional donation at checkout. The fair market value of the DVD ($20) will not be tax deductible. 
Restrictions:DVDs will be shipped after the DVD release date of October 21st. 
Quantity On Hand:39