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Welcome to our online store.  We believe that you will find resources that will help you grow in your faith and engage your culture with a Biblical worldview.

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Redeeming Darwin Leader's Kit
Name: Redeeming Darwin Leader's Kit
Description:Everything needed to host a 6 week study on a Biblical perspective on the intelligent design controversy and how to use it to share Chrsit 
Product Detail:The Redeeming Darwin study covers this important topic in two DVDs.

DVD #1: Discovering the Designer - explores the scientific and societal aspects of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution issues. It features Kerby Anderson, Dr. Ray Bohlin, Dr. Fazale Rana (Reasons to Believe) and Dr. John Morris (Institute for Creation Research)

DVD #2: Declaring the Designer - equips the viewer to transition from a discussion of intelligent design to an effective presentation of the gospel. It features Larry Moyer and Mark Rae of EvanTell.

Features:In addition to DVDs, the kit includes
Facilitator Guide: provides everything needed for a person with little or no knowledge of intelligent design or evolutionary theory to lead a stimulating study with group discussion.

Viewers Guide with Reference Guide: (6 per kit) summarizes each lesson and provides a handy reference guide explaining the meaning and significance of the key concepts in this controversy

Who is God?: evangelistic tract (Pack of 50) - answers the two most basic questions: Who is God? and How do you find Him?

Creation, Evolution and Modern ScienceIn a clear, straightforward style, Dr. Ray Bohlin and other Probe authors relate Christian faith to the onslaught of our technological society. This book provides direct answers to your questions concerning the creation/evolution debate, intelligent life in the universe, and what is reported in Genesis 1-2. (192 pages)