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Welcome to our online store.  We believe that you will find resources that will help you grow in your faith and engage your culture with a Biblical worldview.

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Making the Most of Your Money in Tough Times
Name: Making the Most of Your Money in Tough Times
Description:by Kerby Anderson 
Product Detail:Financial tough times are limiting jobs, hurting families, depleting savings, and threatening futures. But a difficult economy can become the catalyst for you to turn to God’s Word as you evaluate money, its power, its purpose, and its potential. Kerby Anderson presents a biblical view of money to offer hope and wise direction as you consider:

• godly views of giving, saving, borrowing, and spending money
• how to evaluate “name it, claim it teachings” through God’s Word
• embracing financial integrity at home, in churches, and in business
• how to apply biblical stewardship to our economy
• ways to invest and protect money during lean or uncertain times

Whether you are tightening your financial belt or experiencing monetary blessing, you will discover how to honor and serve God with your resources, be a diligent servant, and reap the riches of faithfulness.