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Don Closson — Every once in a while a book is written that shakes things up. The Closing of the American Mind, written by the now-deceased University of Chicago professor Allan Bloom in the late 1980s, was just such a book. You can tell that a book strikes a sensitive societal chord when numerous books follow with similar titles. Some experts hated it, others loved it. And it seemed that everyone was talking about it. What made this book so interesting was that it was written for a very small audience of academicians, and yet it attracted the attention of millions and became a bestseller. Even more amazing, it’s a book about education.

Dr. Bloom’s book reignited a long and important discussion about the content and purpose of education. Here at Probe, we felt that both the book and the topic it discussed were so important that we needed to add to the conversation with a book of our own. The result was a book titled The Closing of the American Heart. We asked Dr. Ronald Nash, also now deceased, who taught philosophy at the University of Kentucky, to write it for us. I had the privilege of providing some of the research for the book.

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"Education is a remarkably political enterprise. Almost every aspect of it has been debated in the public square and like all other political topics it can stir up our emotions. As a public school principal I personally experienced the heat generated by these hotly contended topics. This week’s program portrays the views of two learned men who agree on some of the problems facing education in America, but present very different solutions."

Don Closson is Director of Administration and research associate for Probe. He has a B.S. in education and an M.S. in educational administration, and the M.A. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before joining Probe, Don served as a public school teacher and administrator.

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