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Steve Cable —Is your belief in God purely the result of natural evolutionary forces? Has Christianity evolved over the centuries to dupe you into belief for its own survival? This proposition may insult your faith, your intelligence, and your self worth. However, it is the central theme of a recent book by Daniel Dennett entitled Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett is best known for his 1995 book, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, and his July 2003 op-ed entitled "The Bright Stuff." Dennett is a self–proclaimed "bright." According to him,

A bright is a person with a naturalist as opposed to a supernaturalist worldview. We brights don't believe in ghosts or elves or the Easter Bunny–or God. . . . Don't confuse the noun with the adjective: "I'm a bright" is not a boast but a proud avowal of an inquisitive worldview.

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Steve Cable photoSTEVE CABLE

"Those of us growing up in the faith are often unaware of how our faith is being characterized in academic circles. One such view is Daniel Dennet’s perception of religion as the result of evolution rather than as a response to our recognition of God. We need to counter this now rather than wait for it to become the dominant view."

Steve is Senior Vice President with Probe. Prior to joining us, Steve spent over 25 years in the telecommunications industry. He has extensive, practical experience applying a Christian worldview to the dynamic, competitive high-tech world that is rapidly becoming a dominant aspect of our society.

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