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Steve Cable — God has laid a powerful vision on Probe Ministries, calling us to free the minds of fifty million culturally captive Christians and build them into confident ambassadors for Christ by the year 2020. Our survey analysis has shown that cultural captivity is a growing problem within the church. To be effective in this mission, we need to understand the different forms cultural captivity can take individually and collectively.

Does the Bible provide any insight into cultural captivity and the tools for setting believers free? In an earlier article, we looked at the differing types of cultural captivity: carnal, confused, compromised, and contented Christians. In this article we will see insights from the second chapter of Colossians.

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"Having immersed myself in the data of our study to help understand the cultural captivity of the church, I see it everywhere—including my study of the book of Colossians. That was the genesis of this program."

Steve is Senior Vice President with Probe. Prior to joining us, Steve spent over 25 years in the telecommunications industry. He has extensive, practical experience applying a Christian worldview to the dynamic, competitive high-tech world that is rapidly becoming a dominant aspect of our society.

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