Can the Just Succeed?

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Steve Cable — At the turn of the twenty-first century, America was hit with a tsunami of corporate corruption. Names like Enron, Tyco and WorldComm became synonymous with greed and failed corporate leadership. Today, even after Congress and the SEC have strengthened their oversight, high profile cases, such as backdated stock options at Apple, continue to plague us. We can't even take comfort in some past golden era of corporate ethics as we look back at a history filled with robber barons, ruthless company towns, and shady land deals.

In the light of this discouraging reality, we are asking the question, Can the just succeed? Can people living by Biblical principles successfully compete in a capitalist economy without compromising? Should we even try?

Let's begin our exploration of this question by considering the overall cultural climate surrounding our free market economic system. A number of recent studies indicate less than honest behavior, and downright dirty dealing are common throughout our culture.

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"We see a lot of undesirable behavior in the business world today. Is this a sign of a disconnect between Christianity and capitalism? Even though Christianity does not require capitalism, we find that those who apply Christian principals in a capitalistic society experience long term success more often than those who don't."

Steve is Senior Vice President with Probe. Prior to joining us, Steve spent over 25 years in the telecommunications industry. He has extensive, practical experience applying a Christian worldview to the dynamic, competitive high-tech world that is rapidly becoming a dominant aspect of our society.

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