"Putting Beliefs into Practice" Revisited: Twenty-Somethings and Faithful Living

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Rick Wade — In recent months Probe has focused more and more attention on the state of the younger generations in the evangelical church regarding their fidelity to basic Christian doctrines and Christian practices like prayer and church attendance. Our concern has deepened as we’ve become more aware of the fact that, not only is the grasp on Christian beliefs and practices loosening, but that some unbiblical beliefs and practices in our secular culture are seen as acceptable for Christians.

With this in mind it seems appropriate to revisit a program I wrote over ten years ago on the necessity of linking our beliefs with the way we live in order to practice a healthy Christian life. It was based on Steven Garber’s book The Fabric of Faithfulness. Garber’s book was written with college students in mind. However, the principles are the same for people in other stages of life as well.

The Fabric of Faithfulness was written to help students in the critical task of establishing moral meaning in their lives. By “moral meaning” he is referring to the moral significance of the general direction of our lives and of the things we do with our days. “How is it,” he asks, “that someone decides which cares and commitments will give shape and substance to life, for life?”

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"About a decade ago I wrote the article “Putting Beliefs into Practice” to encourage college students to do what was necessary to remain faithful to Christ in a period of significant life changes. Since it is now clear that people are making those changes all the way through their twenties, it seemed appropriate to repeat the core message but aim it at the broader twenty-something age group."

Rick is a Research Associate and Publications Manager for Probe. He has a B.A. in communications from Moody Bible Institute, an M.A. in Christian Thought from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Master of Humanities from the University of Dallas. Rick's interests focus on apologetics, Christianity and culture, and the changing currents in Western thought.

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