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      September 29, 2011
Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Comedy, Tragedy & Fairy Tale

Read  by Renea McKenzie

Telling the truth is more than merely getting the facts straight or pinning a smiley-faced Jesus on life. The quote at right and the book from which it springs is a challenge, a counterbalance to the propensity that apologists, preachers, evangelists and other thinking Christians have to secularize and make rational, to adapt and make relevant, demythologize and make credible, at the expense of the full truth.

McKenzie invites us into the large, lyrically literary world of Frederick Buechner.

Telling the Truth book cover

"He [Pilate] says, 'What is truth?' and by way of an answer, the man with the split lip doesn't say a blessed thing. Or else his not saying anything, that is the blessed thing."

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LAWRENCE TERLIZZESE—"The military does not like Just War thinking. It is too restrictive. They prefer that soldiers simply obey orders without question. Pacifists do not like it either because they perceive it as condoning military action. I have attempted to give you a middle ground position on war that will help you make rational and informed decisions on the most complicated of all ethical problems."

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