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September 17, 2012
"What's Your Take on Fifty Shades of Grey?": Porn Lit


by Sue Bohlin

The erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey has knocked Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows off the top spot, outselling it by more than two to one, to become the bestselling book of all time [in the U.K.]," trumpets Express.uk.co. It's even reportedly causing more pregnancies there as women go bonkers for the supposdly sexually freeing book.

Americans love it too. Even many believers seem to be caught up in the prurient trilogy of explicit literature. Sue Bohlin and a fellow blogger offer warnings and wonder how those attached to Christ can reconcile exposure to, much less promotion of, such unbiblical and unholy stuff.

British author E. L. James has set the world on fire, somewhat literally. The fires of lust are burning hot for women who feel liberated by her depictions of what was only recently considered deviant sex. This mainstreaming of fringe practices is infecting Christians, whose cultural captivity is characterized by appeals to realism and the defense: "it's just fiction."

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Sue Bohlin photoWhat God Says About Sex

SUE BOHLIN— It deeply grieves me that there are so many wrong beliefs about this issue, when God wants to bless and protect us if we'd only see things His way and steward our sexuality according to His principles. Lots of people don't have a clue about what God says about sex, so it's my privilege to provide this program for you.

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