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April 20, 2012
The Hunger Games:
a hunger, a game or a careful viewing option for Christians?

Read  by Byron Barlowe

Redeeming The Hunger Games

Read  by Sue Bohlin

Probe gets asked a lot about things like the wildly popular and controversial Hunger Games film. We seek a balance between discerning worldview dangers or moral compromise and a realistic "in the world but not of it" engagement with a culture that needs to hear believers' voices. That demands discernment through which believers neither condemn nor condone without filtering it biblically.

Hunger Games movie poster

The Hunger Games raises troubling dilemmas. Popular among youth, its major theme is kids killing kids in a murderous reality TV show by the same name. Read the articles and related resources and you will have more perspective to decide and tools to redeem Hunger Games.

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PAT ZUKERAN—It is important that we understand the lives of Jesus and Muhammad and realize the implications of their teachings and examples. I encourage everyone to examine the lives of both men and consider the implications of following their examples. Following the path of Muhammad leads one down the road of the sword; trusting in Christ will lead you to righteousness and eternal life.

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